I am an artist who has exhibited throughout the US and Europe, and an educator, who currently teaches drawing and illustration at Parson's the New School for Design.

This is a site for sharing and discussing drawing methods, theories and possibilities, as well as the work of artists from all genres.

Mission statement:
"I do not place value on one school of thinking over another. Each work of art must abide to the principles it sets for itself. As Pollock says: "A work has a life of its own..." I detest imposing a
set of standards upon a work or an artist merely because one has some kind of petty preference (as in "I like this or that") or moral righteousness (as in "things must done in a certain way..."). There is NO certain way! A scribble or a written word has as much value as a highly skilled rendering. To think otherwise is to narrow the possibilities of thinking and making."

Let's look at, talk about, and make some fucking art!
– management

I will be posting on this site, various things related to drawing (and other art forms). There will be a drawing of the day post every day.
On Tuesdays the drawing will be something I have come across in person: as a find of the week post.
Wednesdays will also feature the sketchbook work from the artist of that day's drawing.
On Thursdays I will also feature an artist of the day, perhaps in conjunction with the featured drawing but not necessarily.

The First week of every month with be thematic. Drawings, videos, and all other bits of information will follow these themes, I am open to your suggestions.

31st October 2012

Video with 3 notes

The Halloween World Premiere of Gjellochipoe’s Berenice!!!

The latest video by Matt Richards/Jae Luccio/Ghellochio Jellokio, who will be tomorrow’s artist of the week!


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